I'm David Walen, AIA-associate and a graduate of the College of Architecture: the UNC-Charlotte 5 year program.


I've been practicing design, and providing design services to the Charlotte, Greenville, Asheville, Charleston and Tryon regions since 1999.

My work experience ranges from architecture firms, automotive production/assembly, construction, immersive media / video production, graphic & web design, printing, and music engineering.

Hobbies / Passions

My interests include art, music, and design, which can be seen in multiple dimensions and locations. 

Designing and Illustration is my greatest passion. Whether it's a structure, vehicle, urban design, logo or even comic book, I am constantly sketching or conceptualizing and pushing creative boundaries.

I have a great love and appreciation for music and performance. I play numerous woodwind instruments, but can pretty much play anything. I love to create new music, and will also DJ and VJ at various events. In the past, I've been in various bands and have performed with numerous musicians.

I love to travel. Since meeting my wife, whom is native from Italy, I have traveled all over Europe. We've visited Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and the Czech republic. Visiting so many different countries, viewing their art and architecture, and learning their culture, has been a mind-opening experience, and a huge influence on my creativity.


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