Floating Micro Nation

Floating Micro Nation

I won a contest the AIA had for a futuristic utopia. I proposed a floating village of networked islands made from "the ghost fleet," a collection of retired, inactive, ships.

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Floating Micro Nation Utopia in 9 Steps.

The "Ghost Fleet" in James River Virginia is but one of many rafts of polluted and dead ships that our industrial world is adding to daily. I propose that they be used to establish a new way of human nesting are the rafting, disassembly of, and rebuilding of a new island of life.

Step 1-3: are the rafting of the ships.

Step 4-6 are the creation of a new specific village that can assemble itself as a temporary or permanent village of "ships."

Steps 7-9 are the further evolutions that the floating cities must take, using living materials to create opportunities for all life to thrive on the ocean.


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